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At the Monell Center, scientists from many disciplines work together to focus on understanding the mechanisms and functions of taste and smell and define the broad significance of these senses in human health and disease. Monell is the world’s only independent, non-profit scientific institute dedicated to basic research on taste and smell.

Dr. George Preti

In Memoriam

Sadly, we share that Monell Member Dr. George Preti, best known for his work on the chemistry of human body odors, passed away in March.
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New COVID-19 Survey

People are urged to participate in a new self-administered, at-home survey to track the acuity of their senses of smell and test.
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Don't Miss Babies on Netflix

Don't Miss Babies on Netflix

Dr. Julie Mennella is featured in Part 2 of the popular Netflix series, Babies, in the "Senses" episode, available starting June 19.
Watch the trailer here.