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Research at Monell is truly interdisciplinary, with the Center's exceptional scientists - physiologists, psychologists, chemists, neuroscientists, biologists, geneticists and more - each contributing a unique approach.

Monell's work is crucial today because we're just starting to understand the significant role of the chemical senses across the realms of human health and experience. With the Center's outstanding faculty contributing many different perspectives, the depth and breath of Monell's science is unparalleled. Collaboration is extensive; the Center's supportive environment facilitates a creative synergy that advances discovery in both chemosensory science and the faculty's areas of expertise.

Each of Monell's faculty members heads a research group focused on their field of specialization; postdoctoral fellows and research associates may work with one or several faculty members.

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Collaborations at Monell also extend outside the Center; Affiliated Scientists are scientists who frequently collaborate with Monell researchers on projects that advance the Center's mission.