Contact Information

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Carolyn Novaleski


Postdoctoral Fellow, Monell Chemical Senses Center

Laboratory of

Dr. Joel Mainland
Dr. Pamela Dalton
Dr. Karen Wheeler Hegland (University of Florida)


Ph.D., Vanderbilt University; Hearing and Speech Sciences

Research Summary

The focus of my research is voice science and disorders. I am currently investigating the chemosensory systems of olfaction (smell) and chemesthesis (sensory irritation) using principles of human psychophysics and cough analysis. This specialized research training in the chemical senses will complement my long-term goal of studying normal and abnormal laryngeal responses (e.g., paradoxical vocal fold motion, chronic cough) and upper airway reflexes in response to exposures to odor and sensory irritant triggers.


Voice science, voice disorders, disordered laryngeal breathing, paradoxical vocal fold motion, chronic cough, olfaction, chemesthesis

Recent Publications

Novaleski CK, Carter BD, Sivasankar MP, Ridner SH, Dietrich MS, Rousseau B. (2017) Apoptosis and vocal fold disease: Clinically relevant implications of epithelial cell death. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 60(5):1264-1272.

Rousseau B, Kojima T, Novaleski CK, Kimball EE, Valenzuela CV, Mizuta M, Daniero JJ, Garrett CG, Sivasankar MP. (2017) Recovery of vocal fold epithelium after acute phonotrauma. Cells Tissues Organs, 204(2):93-104.

Chang S, Novaleski CK, Kojima T, Mizuta M, Luo H, Rousseau B. (2016) Subject-specific computational modeling of evoked rabbit phonation. ASME Journal of Biomedical Engineering, 138(1):1-6.

Novaleski CK, Kimball EE, Mizuta M, Rousseau B. (2016) Acute exposure to vibration is an apoptosis-inducing stimulus in the vocal fold epithelium. Tissue and Cell, 48(5):407 416.

Novaleski CK, Kojima T, Chang S, Luo H, Valenzuela CV, Rousseau B. (2016) Nonstimulated rabbit phonation model: Cricothyroid approximation. Laryngoscope, 126(7):1589-1594.

Novaleski CK, Mizuta M, Rousseau B. (2016) Evaluation of dying vocal fold epithelial cells by ultrastructural features and TUNEL method. Cells Tissues Organs, 202(5-6):355-368.

Rousseau B, Gutmann ML, Mau T, Francis DO, Johnson JP, Novaleski CK, Vinson KN, Garrett CG. (2015) Randomized controlled trial of supplemental augmentative and alternative communication versus voice rest alone after phonomicrosurgery. Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, 152(3):494-500.

Awan SN, Novaleski CK, Rousseau B. (2014) Nonlinear analyses of elicited modal, raised, and pressed rabbit phonation. Journal of Voice, 28(5):538-547.

Kojima T, Valenzuela CV, Novaleski CK, Van Deusen M, Mitchell JR, Garrett CG, Sivasankar MP, Rousseau B. (2014) Effects of phonation time and magnitude dose on vocal fold epithelial genes, barrier integrity, and function. Laryngoscope, 124(12):2770-2778.

Kojima T, Van Deusen M, Jerome WG, Garrett CG, Sivasankar, MP, Novaleski CK, Rousseau B. (2014) Quantification of acute vocal fold epithelial surface damage with increasing time and magnitude doses of vibration exposure. PLoS One, 9(3):e91615.

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