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Danielle Reed


Member, Monell Chemical Senses Center


Ph.D., Psychology; Yale University

Research Summary

Quantitative genetics is concerned with the inheritance of those differences between individuals that are of a degree rather than of a kind; for instance, the threshold at which someone can experience bitterness or an odorant, or the degree of pleasure that comes from tasting sugars. An understanding of these differences is of fundamental significance and has led to important insights about the molecular mechanisms that underpin the biology of obesity, nutrition, taste and smell.

The focus of my work has been to understand the precise relationship between genotype and phenotype in both humans and rodents, as well as how development and environment can affect those relationships. This research is pursued using linkage analysis and association methods, both of which exploit the behavior of chromosomes during meiosis.

My collaborators and I have conducted projects with linkage analysis for saccharin preference in mice followed by positional cloning, which uncovered a protein that is now known to be the subunit of a sweet receptor (Tas1r3). Similar types of human family-based linkage studies assisted in the identification of a receptor on human chromosome 5 (TAS2R1), which is involved in the perception of the bitter compound propylthiouracil. Likewise, association studies helped to define how haplotypes of the bitter receptor TAS2R38 affect bitter taste perception.

Our ongoing work is aimed at understanding the heritability and molecular underpinnings of obesity and fat patterning; perceived sweet intensity of human twins; the relationship between olfactory receptor genotype and smell phenotypes; and the developmental aspects of genotype-phenotype relationships in human children.

Detailed description of research program


sweet, genetics, taste, smell, obesity, genomics, genetic mapping

Recent Publications

Jiang, P.; Josue-Almqvist, J.; Jin, X.; Li, X.; Brand, J.; Margolskee, R.; Reed, D.; Beauchamp, G. (2014) The bamboo-eating giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) has a sweet tooth: Behavioral and molecular responses to compounds that taste sweet to humans. PLoS ONE, 9, e93043.

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Lab Staff

Cailu Lin, Research Associate (with Alexander Bachmanov)
Paule V. Joseph, RN & MSN, Graduate student, School of Nursing (co-mentored with Charlene Compher)
Corrine Mansfield, Lab Manager
Brad Fesi, Research Technician
Deborah Lee, Research Technician
Michael Marquis, Research Technician (starting Dec 10th 2012)
Anna Lysenko, Graduate student, Drexel University
Rebecca S. James, Undergraduate, University of Pennsylvania
Mary Xia, Undergraduate, University of Pennsylvania
Wendy Yu, Masters student, University of Pennsylvania
Gabriel Galson, Library

Past Reed Lab Members

Anna Lysenko, Lab manager – Graduate student at Drexel University
Daniel Hwang, Research technician – Graduate student at the University of Washington
Antti Knaapila, Postdoctoral researcher – Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Turku
Amin Khoshnevisan, Research technician – Western University of Health Sciences, Dental School
Fujiko Duke, Lab manager Broad Institute – Research technician for Matthew Meyerson
Amanda McDaniel, Research technician – R & D Scientist at Genisphere
Kirsten Mascioli, Research technician – Graduate Student at Thomas Jefferson University
Ke Lu, Research technician – Researcher at Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Zhenyu Chen, Research technician – unknown – get in touch!
Rameen Starling-Roney, Student – Howard University College of Medicine, MD
Murtaza Shakir, Student – Aga Khan Medical School
Macrina Cooper-White, High school student – Yale University
Abigal Bosk, High school student – Wheaton College
Minna Bak, High school student – University of Pennsylvania
Sarah Obenrader, High school student – Davidson College
Brian Gantick, Research technician – Web designer
Mauricio Avigdor, Research technician – Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research
Laurie Pippett, Research technician – Senior Administrative Assistant at Kelly Services

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