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Julie Mennella


Member and Director Emeritus, Monell Science Apprenticeship Program (MSAP), Monell Chemical Senses Center


Ph.D., Biopsychology; The University of Chicago

Research Summary

My research program focuses on the development of food and flavor preferences in humans and the effects of alcohol and tobacco on women’s health and infant development. Current research studies focus on the following areas: 1) how maternal diet alters the aromatic profiles of amniotic fluid and mother’s milk and how such early flavor experiences affect food preferences during weaning and childhood; 2) elucidation of sensitive periods in flavor learning and food preferences in humans; 3) developing strategies to promote acceptance of fruits and vegetables in infants and children; 4) studying the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of alcohol in women; 5) determining the effects of alcohol consumption on hormonal responses and lactational performance; 6) studying the relationship between family history of alcoholism, tobacco use and taste preferences across the lifespan; 7) learning how parental drinking and smoking impact on the hedonic response to the sensory properties of these drugs during childhood and adolescence; and 8) elucidating the contribution of genes, experience and medical history to individual differences in taste and smell sensitivity and preferences.


taste, flavor, smell, lactation, development, infants, children, addiction, psychophysics, endocrinology, pharmacokinetics

Recent Publications

Mennella, J.A. (2014) Ontogeny of taste preferences: basic biology and implications for health. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. (Electronic citation) doi: 10.3945/ajcn.113.067694

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Lab Staff

Ali Ventura, PhD- Postdoctoral Fellow
Sara Lehmann – Senior Research Technician
Susanna Finkbeiner- Research Technician
Laura Lukasewycz – Research Technician
Aleida Silva-Garcia – Research Technician
Lauren Yourshaw – part-time Research Technician (PhD student)
Allison Steinmeyer – part-time Research Technician (MS student)
Katy Vojtko– part-time Research Technician (PhD student)
Sehris Khawaja – part-time Research Technician