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Marcia Pelchat


Associate Member, Monell Chemical Senses Center


Ph.D., Physiological Psychology; University of Pennsylvania

Research Summary

My research interests include: 1) food preferences, especially mechanisms of food cravings, responses to novel foods, and food preferences in the elderly; 2) chemical senses in the elderly including taste, smell, and chemical irritation; 3) genetics of individual differences in human chemosensation; and 4) neuroimaging of sensory and evaluative responses to food.


aging, obesity, craving, human, picky eating, gustation, olfaction, food selection, brain imaging, psychophysics

Recent Publications

Lahne, J.; Trubek, A.B.; Pelchat, M.L. (2014) Consumer sensory perception of cheese depends on context: a study using comment analysis and linear mixed models. Food Quality and Preference, 32, 184-197.

Pelchat, M.L.; Bryant, B.; Cuomo, R.; Di Salle, F.; Fass, R.; Wise, P. (In Press) Carbonation: A review of sensory mechanisms and health effects. Nutrition Today.

Coldwell ,S.E.; Mennella, J.A.; Duffy, V.B.; Pelchat, M.L.; Griffith, J.W.; Smutzer, G.; Cowart, B.J.; Breslin, P.A.S.; et al. (2013) Gustation assessment using the NIH Toolbox. Neurology, 80 (SUPP), 1-5.

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