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Johannes Reisert


Associate Member, Monell Chemical Senses Center


Ph.D., Physiology; University of Cambridge

Research Summary

My laboratory investigates one of the first steps in olfactory perception: the conversion of an odorous stimulus into a nerve signal. Olfactory receptor neurons located in the nose detect odorants and generate the electrical response, which is then conveyed to the brain for further processing. The focus of my research is to understand 1) how olfactory receptor neurons code odor signals of different odorants and, 2) the cellular mechanisms that lead to the generation and termination of those responses. We also are interested in investigating the contribution of olfactory receptor neurons to olfactory adaptation, which is the waning of our perception of odorants over time. My approach uses both electrophysiological and cell imaging techniques to address these question.

Detailed description of research program


olfaction, single cell electrophysiology, signal transduction, ion channels

Recent Publications

Dibattista, M.; Reisert, J. (2016). The odorant receptor-dependent role of olfactory marker protein in olfactory receptor neurons. The Journal of Neuroscience, 36, 2995-3006.

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Reviews, Book Chapters and Perspectives

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