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Paul Wise


Associate Member, Monell Chemical Senses Center
Visiting Professor, Department of Culinary Arts and Food Science, Drexel University


Ph.D., Psychology; University of California, San Diego

Research Summary

I have broad interests in human perception of chemical stimuli, including taste, smell, and chemical irritation. Current interests include sweetness (the taste of low-calorie sweeteners and the influence of diet on the perception of sweetness), saltiness (including the taste of salt substitutes), and carbonation. I also have an ongoing interest in flavor, particularly in interactions between aroma and taste. Interests that cut across sensory modalities include perception of mixtures and sensory methods.


psychophysics, olfaction, chemesthesis, trigeminal, odor mixtures, dynamics, human perception

Recent Publications

Pelchat, M.L.; Bryant, B.; Cuomo, R.; Di Salle, F.; Fass, R.; Wise, P. (In Press) Carbonation: A review of sensory mechanisms and health effects. Nutrition Today.

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