Monell Mouse Taste Phenotyping Project


General Methods

      Construction of drinking tubes

      Data collection methods

      Typical housing conditions

Method Verification Experiments

      Spout position

      Number of spouts

      Test duration

      Maintenance diet

      Age, sex and diet

      Spill and carryover effects


Taste Tests of Mouse Strains

      The 28 strains used to test many compounds

      Taste solutions tested with the 28 strains

      The 40 strains of the Mouse Phenome Project (used to test calcium and sodium preferences and body composition)


Supporting Data for Strain Survey Papers

     Food and water intake and spout side preference

     Mineral solution intake by 28 strains

     NaCl intake by 28 strains

     Calcium intake and blood calcium in 28 strains

     Calcium and sodium intake and blood calcium in 40 strains


Mouse Phenome Database (MPD)

      Our projects on the MPD

      MPD home page (link to the MPD at JAX)

      JAX mouse home page

      MGI database

Contact information

      Principal Investigators

      Technical support staff



   Mouse phenotyping

   Mutagenesis web sites (out of date)

   Taste-related links

   Useful mouse genetic links

   Monell Chemical Senses Center